Hello and welcome to the site....thanks for visiting!

I am Neil Maclennan an Art hobbyist. This site is home to my Art and allows you to view the work. I will be adding new works to the website as they are completed.

My work has a varied style that can change from piece to piece. My work is heavily influenced by Surrealism (especially Salvador Dali) and Comic book imagery. I like the way the human brain seems to generate images subconsciously so at times I draw in a "stream of conciousness way" which allows me get down some really interesting shapes and associations. I have an interest in science which seems to creep it's way into my work in the form of waves and fractal-like patterns. I love boxing and find that it produces the most striking images.

I also do have a fondness for more traditional forms of Art such as still life and landscapes. I respect the ability to be able to render images with precision using traditional skill methods so this is also an aspect of my work. I really appreciate the pen work of Illustrators such as Quentin Blake and the old landscape masters such as John Constable.

I do not to restrict myself to working in one particular style or discipline, I produce the work that I feel is right at the time. Each of my works carries a distinctive touch whichever style or subject matter I am working on. Through the techniques and compositions I use, I retain a similar feel to all my works which links them despite their difference in subject matter or style.

Thanks again for visiting, hope you enjoy my work.

Neil Maclennan